The Malayan Emergency in Film and Literature

This workshop examined how the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960) has been depicted in film and literature since the time of the Emergency up to the present day.

Read a review of the virtual workshop, as published on the Monash University website.

Background Credit: Lau Kek Huat

The Works of Mark Teh

Mark Teh (of Five Arts Centre) is a prolific Malaysian theatre performer, dealing with issues and stories related to the Malayan Emergency on numerous occasions. Find out more about A Notional History, Baling
and When You Read This Letter, I Am No More In This World, and read a BASKL review of his talk, Response & Responsibility: Politics, Poetics & Ethics in Five Arts Centre’s Emergency Projects.

Background Credit: Kazoumi Furuya
Image Credit: Danny Lim

One Day We'll Understand

Take part in a 3D tour of Sim Chi Yin's solo exhibition in Berlin, Germany, focusing on landscape photographs she made of sites of memory of the Malayan Emergency in present day Malaysia and southern Thailand.

Background credit: Chroma

The Malayan Emergency: Bibliography

The Cultures of Occupation in Twentieth Century Asia (COTCA) Project has collated a list of academic resources on the Malayan Emergency.

Image credit: Imperial War Museum